A creative writing professor at California University of Pennsylvania, Carole Waterhouse is the author of two novels, The Tapestry Baby and Without Wings, and a collection of short stories, The Paradise Ranch.

Her fiction has appeared in Arnazella, Artful Dodge, Baybury Review, Ceilidh, Eureka Literary Magazine, Forum, Half Tones to Jubilee, Massachusetts Review, Minnetonka Review, Oracle: The Brewton-Parker College Review, Parting Gifts, Pointed Circle, Potpourri, Seems, Spout, The Armchair Aesthete, The Griffin, The Styles, Tucumari Literary Review, Turnrow, and X-Connect.

A previous newspaper reporter, she has published essays in an anthology, Horse Crazy: Women and the Horses They Love, and Equus Spirit Magazine. Her book reviews have appeared in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The Pittsburgh Press, and The New York Times Book Review.


3 Responses to About

  1. Dear Carol,
    I am a published author and my novel ‘Manipulations’ was published by Zumaya in 2002. Two more novels in my mother tongue Marathi have been published.
    Liz has agreed to publish my sci-fi thriller ‘Brahma’s Breath’ but feels it should be edited to give a native English language touch. Manipulations did not need much editing. I am finding it difficult to find a good editor. Also since I am from India the distance is a problem.
    It is a pity that though Brahma’s Breath has a refreshingly new topic of a scientist’s experiment to create universe in a lab and that it has been recommended by a world renowned cosmologist and creator of world’s largest radio telescope I am finding it difficult to publish it.
    If you are ready to experiment and can use the talent of your class to edit the novel I think we can go a few steps ahead.
    I have a music album to my name and have another sci-fi novel titled ‘Our Distant Cousins’ becoming ready for publication. This novel is on a manned mission to Mars.
    Would like to hear from you.
    With warm regards,
    Shrinivas Sharangpani

    • Thank you for the comment. My class is made up of undergraduates who are trying to get their own work published. It’s designed to lead them through the process. I’m afraid editing a novel just isn’t the kind of project that would fit into the course and none of us (myself included) are really qualified editors. I do hope you can find someone and truly wish you the best of luck with your work.

  2. gsb3 says:

    Hi, Carole. This is a great site. I have subscribed to it, and I look forward to reading about all your advice and information for writers. I have been writing a long time, but have not been formally published, and definitely not made any money out of it, but some day I would like to if I can. I hope your blog will be a tool to help me in the right direction. Thanks for sharing the link on Writer’s Cafe.

    If you have time, please check out my new poetry blog at http://gsb3.net. Thanks!


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